Do you think you can change the color of your aura?

These seven Reiki elements loosely align with Chakras, and I believe Reiki also call them Chakras, but the seven Chakras I am familiar with are as below:

1) Root – Base emotions and physical experiences. Touching, seeing, feeling the world as an infant would. Emotions are affected profoundly by what we experience in the physical world (i.e. ‘ouchies’ make us cry uncontrollably). It is physically located underneath your body when in a seated position. Red

2) Sacral – Sexual energies. Concerned with pleasures and reward. ‘Getting off’ or ‘Getting yours’ are your only two goals. Physically located in the genitals. Orange

3) Solar Plexus – Power and will. Concerned about the ego and self-control. Physically located about two inches above the navel. Yellow

4) Heart – Love and understanding. Compassion, empathy, and forgiveness are controlled here. Physically located in the center of the chest. Green

5) Throat – Creativity and communication. Wordsmiths and artists are often associated here. Physically located in the center of the throat or the adam’s apple. Blue

6) Third Eye – Perception and insight. Intuition and Imagination are associated here. Physically located in the center of the forehead behind the eyebrows. Indigo

7) Crown – Divine Wisdom or enlightenment. Oneness with the universe, spirit, Unity are all found here. Physically located on the top of the head. Violet
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интересно до этого знала только про сердце.
да? Та нет типо у каждого есть своя аура, а вот какими цветами она бывает я не знала)
я тоже не знала про цвета, но как раз отрывок про heart мне попадался
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