some wonderfull things.


Present your favorite deskmonkey with a little world to escape to on their lunch break. Fill a light bulb that’s run out of juice with soil, moss, shells and other trinkets to create the perfect lilliputian landscape for the stressed out citydweller on your list to gaze into before they have to get back to collating papers and color coding spreadsheets for the man.


Making a sun jar is the next best thing to giving the gift of sunshine! Using a recyclable glass jar, and parts from an outdoor solar light, you can easily make this glowing little wonder. Powered by the sun, the solar panel stores energy during the day, and allows the jar to glow at night.

Flash drives allow you to hold many more songs than a CD, plus they are reusable! Make your favorite mixed of 20 or 200 songs and load then on one of these little sticks. To make it more fun, embed the drive in an old cassette tape.

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ох, действительно прекрасные фещи! особенно понравилась первая)))
да-да, мне бы домой такую лампочку..))эх..
сейчас ещё что-0нибудь выложу)
если что не понятно, то спрашивай!)это довольно интиресно!
сейчас дочитаю до конца
Вторая няшечка^^
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